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Explore your Real Estate Rights

February 12,2018 Invista Homes 0comments

Ideal for Investors, Buyers & Sellers, DREI presents 2018 Market Overview, a fact based awareness-training course that will focus on the challenges facing the real estate industry.

  • Is it a good time to buy?
  • Is it a good time to rent?
  • What about long term vs short-term gains?

Get access to reliable and credible market information and learn how to apply these learnings to your investments.

This course is beneficial for an experienced investor, a first timer investor, buyers & sellers.

By attending this course session you will be able to learn:

  1. How to pick the most suitable broker to assist you, and how to deal with a broker
  2. How Commission or broker’s fee involved is calculated, paid, etc…
  3. What are all the involved fees and how are they paid
  4. How to get a residential Visa when buying a property
  5. Diversify your investment and identify the best areas and types to buy
  6. How to get a Mortgage and what are the available types
  7. What are Owners’ Association and what role they play
  8. Service Charges and Maintenance fees
  9. Who are the developers how do you rank them and how to deal with them
  10. VAT implementation for various types of properties and transactions
  11. In case you chose to sell the property, what is the procedure and requirements
  12. If you chose to keep it, and rent it out; what are all the facts pertaining to that
  13. And lots more……

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